The Coal Exchange Restoration | About Exchange Hotel
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The Exchange Hotel.

The Exchange Hotel is a venue like no other, sitting inside the shell of what was once the beating heart of Cardiff city; The Coal Exchange.

The Grade II* listed building is located in the heart of Cardiff Bay and offers guests the opportunity to take a step back in time and explore one of Wales’ most significant buildings.

Filled with rich history and grandeur throughout, what was once The Coal Exchange has been restored to its former glory with original features preserved and the Grand Hall reinstated as the most iconic wedding and events venue in the Cardiff.


Artists representation of The Coal Exchange
Exchange Hotel - restored The Coal Exchange

The Restoration of The Coal Exchange.

Preserving the DNA of The Coal Exchange building has been at the forefront of the restoration process. Having suffered tremendous damage over the years, The Coal Exchange had been left in a state of severe disrepair. Serious damage had spread throughout the grand exterior, luxurious interior and affected even ancient supporting structure.

The process to restore this beautiful heritage building began in 2016 when a team of skilled workers experienced in this sort of project, set about preserving the landmark for future generations all whilst ensuring its use as The Exchange Hotel would wholly celebrate the interesting history of The Coal Exchange.