Where to Enjoy Wonderful Winter Walks Around Cardiff
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Where to Enjoy Wonderful Winter Walks Around Cardiff

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There’s nothing more refreshing than getting wrapped up and taking a brisk winter stroll this time of year. Thankfully there are so many beautiful places to take wonderful winter walks around Cardiff so we thought we’d share them with you.

Take inspiration from our guide to the best winter walks around Cardiff and enjoy exploring nature and the outdoors no matter what the weather.

Explore Forrest Fawr

Follow a fairy tale trail through Forrest Fawr as you and the family discover important pieces of Cardiff’s history along the way.

Evidence of early mining in the area still exists in the aptly named “Three Arches” which are caves where limestone and iron would have been excavated and transported to the nearby Taff Furnace. One of the mines is said to descend 20 metres below the earth and open up into a large cavern.

Three Bear Caves - Winter walks around Cardiff

Intricate sculptures can be found dotted along the trails in the trees and alongside winding pathways around the edge of the woodland which include dragons and a treasure chest at the end.

Due to age and decay, some of the older sculptures in the middle of the trail were removed in recent years only to be replaced with amazing representations of woodland creatures that would have lived in the forest in the past.

Forrest Fawr sculptures - winter walks in Cardiff

Every animal has a verse explaining part of the story being told, in both English and Welsh, making the trail an enjoyable learning experience for all ages.

See the Enchanting Animals in Bute Park

In the centre of the city, Bute Park is a stunning section of green ground that hosts year-round events and is a fantastic place to enjoy a wonderful winter walk.

The colossal park is home to an amazing collection of horticulture and wildlife habitats making it a fun and educational experience for all who visit. In the south Bute Park borders the grounds of Cardiff Castle where visitors can view the famous animal wall.

Cardiff Animal Wall - winter walks in Cardiff
source: Facebook Colin Dudeck

This wall is a whimsical vision of William Burgess, the Marquess of Bute’s official architect and although Burges died before the Animal Wall could be built his plans were completed according to sketches he’d left behind.

Take a wonderful winter walk along the wall and see how many of the expertly carved animals you can identify.

Families can also stroll along the sculpture trail and pick out work completed by various artists. Twenty sculptures, each have their own story to tell lay all around the expansive park grounds.

Bute Park sculpture trail - winter walks in Cardiff

There are ways to warm up on wintery walks in Bute Park too including the Blackfriars Fitness Trail and the Woodland Paly Trail for kids which are both located in the central area of Bute Park.

All this, as well as some fascinating remnants of ancient landmarks, makes Bute Park one of the most interesting walks around Cardiff you and the family could take this winter.

Find the Beauty of Nature in Forrest Farm

A protected patch of woodland which has been adopted by the Friends of Forrest Farm is the perfect place to enjoy winter walks around Cardiff with the family.

This amazing conservation site plays home to some of the native species of wildlife that were starting to disappear from the area.

Forrest Farm - winter walks in Cardiff
source: facebook.com/keith.arkley

Now visitors can enjoy strolling around the man-made wetlands and ponds, which are home to many different types of bird and other woodland animals.

More than secluded woodland, the farm also borders the Glamorganshire canal which once served to transport mined material from the Valleys into Cardiff.

Forrest Farm Cardiff - winter walks in Cardiff
source: Alan Thomas Photography

Other attractions include various sculptures and murals as well as a children’s play area made up of enchanting carved climbing frames and apparatus.

Step Back in Time at St Fagan’s

For one of those winter walks around Cardiff that will take you back in time pay a visit to St Fagan’s.

Here you can explore and discover a way of life from way back when in and amongst the recreated historic town. Explore different dwellings from the past including a tannery, a blacksmith, homes and shops.

St Fagan's - winter walks in Cardiff
source: facebook.com/throughmyquirkyeyes/

In each building, visitors can gain insight into the lives of people who existed in the times by watching workshops and demonstrations provided by skilled tradesmen.

As well as the town take the time to explore the manor grounds and gardens and you can even come fave to face with a life-size dragon!

St Fagan's Dragon - winter walks in Cardiff
source: facebook.com/titanremovalsandstoragecardiff/

In winter, the grounds of St Fagan’s allow families to enjoy the outdoors whilst also having a reprieve from the cold inside the recreated historic buildings.

Winter Walks Around Cardiff Bay Barrage

Take a bracing winter walk along the Cardiff waterfront and look back inward on the stunning city of Cardiff or out to where the Severn Estuary and Bristol Channel meet.

Cardiff Bay Barrage - winter walks in Cardiff
source: Facebook – Yuanjun Wang

The Barrage was built as part of a regeneration project for the Cardiff waterfront. In winter the chill will certainly be in the air as the sea breeze whips in towards the waterfront.

Little ones will enjoy meeting the Giant Crocodile and having a play on the adventure playground and everyone can learn about the history of the area from helpful information markers all along the path.

Cardiff Bay Barrage - winter walks around Cardiff
source: Facebook – Mark Evans

Wrap up warm and enjoy the views and the landmarks dotted along the Barrage then pop in for a hot chocolate in Café Hafren.

Stroll Along Barry Island’s Beach

For enjoyable walks around Cardiff come summer or winter Barry Island does the job. When the colder months come in, forget legging on the sandy beaches or taking a dip in the tranquil water, instead brace yourself for mother nature at her finest.

Barry Island - winter walks around Cardiff
source: Facebook Barry Island Parkrun

Enjoy the sweeping coastal scenery looking out over the Bristol Channel, get cosy inside a café with a steaming cup of coffee after strolling along the cold sands or wait for the perfect photo opportunity as huge waves crack against the rocks and beach below your feet.

Not weather for building a sandcastle but still a wonderful place to walk on a crisp day in winter.

Pop Down to Penarth Pier

For winter walks around Cardiff that are pretty as a picture make your way down to Penarth Pier where you can check out the sublime views perched on the picturesque Victorian Pier.

Penarth Pier - winter walks around Cardiff
source: Facebook – Robert Guy

The pebble beach is ideal underfoot during the winter and the surrounding parks and gardens, although perhaps slightly barren in winter, still provide the perfect place for a scenic stroll.

Better still at the end of your walk make your way inside the fully restored Pavilion to enjoy a number of organised events, Waterloo tea or snuggle up to watch a movie in the ancient cinema.

Spend a Special Winter Break in Cardiff

Okay so we know its only autumn, but winter is on its way and when it arrives Cardiff city is one of the most beautiful places to spend a special winter break.

Exchange Hotel room - winter walks around Cardiff

As well as all these wonderful winter walks around Cardiff there are the Christmas Markets and fair to look forward to and of plenty of exciting events taking place all over the capital.

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