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The Ultimate Cardiff Bucket List

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A new year brings new opportunities to try new things: now, that doesn’t mean you must climb a mountain or leap out of a plane, but it does mean that the Welsh capital is teeming with new and exciting restaurants, hotels and museums just waiting to be explored. There are so many new things to do in the capital in 2019 we thought it best to put together a handy bucket list to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

We’ve put together the ultimate bucket list for 2019 including eating challenges, mammoth milkshakes and a marathon to make sure you stick to that New Year’s resolution.

1. Devour Breakfast in a Jar at Munchies

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Sausage, bacon, toast and beans are just some of the luscious items lovingly crammed into one of Munchiesnow infamous breakfast basins.

This unique way to not only serve but eat the most important meal of the day is worthy of acclaim. Therefore, a stop at munchies is certainly one for the calendar in 2019.

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it,” said the Crwys Road diner and we couldn’t agree more.

2. Visit Viva! Vegan Festival 2019

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If your debating a diet change in 2019, the capital is crammed with mouthwatering reasons to consider going vegan: one also being that it’ll annoy Piers Morgan.

Viva! Vegan Fest is to be located on Gorsedd Garden Road and aims to bring together a selection of delectable dishes that could turn the meatiest of meat eater’s vegan.

Viva! Vegan Fest, therefore, needs to be added to your ever-growing bucket list.

3. Decorate Your Home at Beti Biggs

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It may be a tad too soon to be thinking about spring cleaning, nonetheless, the Aladdin’s cave of curiosities that is Beti Biggs is a must visit in 2019.

From handmade candles to vintage vases and gorgeous paintings to ornate ornaments, we defy you not to add Beti Biggs to your bucket list this year.

4. Run the 2019 Half Marathon

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This year why don’t you take part in one of the UK’s most prestigious road races on an iconic course around Wales’ wonderful capital city.

The marathon takes runners past the capitals most legendary landmarks – one being our very own Exchange Hotel – with stunning scenery and is the ideal challenge perfect for any bucket list.

If you’ve decided to get healthier or push yourself in 2019, then this rewarding marathon is one for you.

5. Enjoy an Overnight Stay at The Exchange Hotel

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The Exchange Hotel is a building bursting with history, charm and character and therefore ideal for an overnight stay.

This luxury hotel is an architectural masterpiece and while it’s been lovingly restored, it’s also leading the way in entertainment and comfort.

Perfect for those romantic weekends away or cosy stays with friends, The Exchange Hotel is a must stay for those who love Cardiff.

And, while staying in the hotel, make sure to dine in our wonderful restaurant: RP Culley’s & Co. This stunning restaurant in Cardiff celebrates the forgotten history of this remarkable building, pairing it with an eclectic offering of fine, local and regional food. Book a table here, and get ready to dine in style.

Sound exciting? Our friendly team can’t wait to hear from you. Call on 02920 107050 or book here today.

6. Tackle the ‘Mammoth Breakfast Challenge’ at Ramon’s

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Ramons’ ‘Mammoth Breakfast Challenge’ includes 8,116 calories, 8 rashers of bacon, 6 eggs, 4 burgers, black pudding, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and everything but a partridge in a pear tree.

Do you have what it takes to devour Britain’s biggest breakfast? Good luck!

7. Browse the Shelves at Troutmark Books

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Rows upon rows of ancient classics and postmodern page-turners greet your eye as soon as you enter Troutmark Books, Cardiff’s quirkiest book shop.

One of the most absorbing places to visit if you want your bucket list to be somewhat soothing.

8. Endure the Waves when White Water Rafting

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White water rafting is a staple of any bucket list. Indeed, Cardiff International White Water has all you adrenaline junkies covered.

One of the best things to do in the capital to keep active in 2019 whilst also having a blast, even if that blast comes from an enormous wave.

9. Immerse Yourself in an Exhibition at The Ffotogallery

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There is certainly no shortage of culture in Cardiff. So, save a space for The Ffotogallery on your bucket list: you wont regret it.

We’re especially looking forward to the ‘Sound + Vision’ project in 2019.

10. The Dough Thrower

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Now, you’d imagine that the craftsman who owns The Dough Thrower hails from the cobbled streets of Naples; well guess again.

Growing up in Switzerland, owner Ben’s love for pizza is an understatement. Indeed, The Dough Thrower is the best pizzeria in Cardiff.

11. Visit Cardiff Castle

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Built on foundations that date from the year 50AD, exploring one of the capital’s most famous landmarks is one of the best things to do in the whole of Wales. Reconstructed in the 1800s, the castle is now immaculately perched in the centre of the city.

If you’re looking for some history to sink your teeth into, then Cardiff Castle needs to be added to your bucket list.

12. Walk the Taff Trail

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Starting at the Roald Dahl Plass in the Bay, the Traff Trail is a 50+ mile trail that leads the way from the city centre into the Brecon Beacons National Park.

This trail takes a couple of days to complete, obviously – so make sure to plan your stops wisely and enjoy the stunning scenery along the way as you complete this genuine bucket list ramble.

13. Cheer on Wales at The Principality Stadium

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Perched in the centre of Cardiff, the Principality Stadium holds around 70,000 people and is bursting with atmosphere when Wales play.

When the Welsh rugby team play, this family-friendly stadium erupts into a sea of red and noise.

If you’re a sports fan, then you need to watch the Welsh team in action at the Principality Stadium.

14. Go Shopping at Cardiff Market

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Cardiff Central Market is an impressive Victorian structure which provides a unique shopping experience in the heart of a modern, busy environment.

Under a spectacular glass roof you will find a wealth of products ranging from pots and pans to delicious, homemade food.

Cardiff Market has been trading since the 1700s and remains one of the city’s best kept secrets.

15. Spillers Records

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Spillers Records, established in 1894, is recognised as the oldest record shop in the world. Spillers Records was founded by Henry Spiller and specialised in the sale of phonographs, wax cylinders and shellac phonograph discs.

Today, however, you’ll find a diverse selection of music on CD and vinyl as well as merchandise and gig tickets.

No matter how old you are or what type of music you love, Spillers Records is a must visit in Cardiff.

16. Watch a Show at The Millennium Centre

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The Millennium Centre prides itself on being the home of the arts in Wales, and a ‘cauldron of creativity’ for the nation.

From stories rooted in Welsh culture to emerging and provocative pieces, the Millennium Centre is the perfect place to watch a show in Cardiff.

17. Discover the Next Big Thing at Gwdihw Cafe

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Gwdihw is a vibrant, friendly and relaxed independent space for alternative music acts to showcase their work. Established in 2008, Gwdihw is a 180 capacity venue which is renowned for its cosy, yet raucous atmosphere – especially for a venue named after a owl.

18. Visit the Norwegian Church

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The Norwegian Church is a landmark building on the capital’s waterfront. It’s also where Cardiff-born author Roald Dahl was baptised, due to his Norwegian heritage. Nowadays, the church is an arts centre where you can learn about the Welsh-Norwegian heritage of the community.

This church may look unusual, but it’s simply breath-taking.

19. Roath Park

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Roath Park is one of Wales’ most popular parks. It retains a classic Victorian atmosphere and has many recreational attractions.

So that’s it, our bucket list of fun things to do, eat and drink in Cardiff is complete. There’s always plenty to keep anyone entertained in our amazing, wonderful city. Check back to the blog soon to keep up to date. 

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