The Best Places to Eat in Cardiff: R.P Culley & Co. Launch Night

The Best Places to Eat in Cardiff: R.P Culley & Co. Launch Night Coming Soon

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The eagerly awaited date is nearing when The Exchange Hotel will host the grand opening of R.P Culley & Co. Bar and Restaurant. Set to become one of the best places to eat in Cardiff city centre, R.P Culley’s will be inviting diners to enjoy a one of a kind restaurant experience within the historic walls of Exchange Hotel.

The History

A look back into the history pages of The Coal Exchange will reveal a wealth of interesting stories. Tales of exuberant business men, coal barons and merchants prospering in the city and of course the demise of the coal trade and the sudden collapse of the industry.

Throughout it all there was one man whose hard work put a smile on everyone’s faces. That man was R.P Culley.

Taking on a contract in 1886, Culley began The Exchange Restaurant inside the very building where masses of money changed hands between thousands of merchants from all across the world came to do business.

Serving the finest food and wines in the basement of the Coal Exchange, R.P Culley certainly made a name for himself and often appeared in the local newspapers. His name could still be seen carved into the front terrace of the Coal Exchange building before changes were made to the façade.

R. P Culley & Co. Exchange Restaurant - best places to eat in Cardiff

Over the years during Culley’s time in Cardiff, he cemented a place within the local community, opening two grocers shops by 1888, having his own branded wines and lagers and even beginning a football team named the Culley stars.

Today we have used R.P Culley himself to inspire the new restaurant bearing his name. We aim to bring the same passion for the local area to the table, literally, by sourcing the very best seasonal ingredients from nearby Cardiff Bay and Valley’s using local suppliers.

R.P Culley’s will once again become one of the best places to eat in Cardiff serving superb food in stylish surroundings to guests of Exchange Hotel, visitors to the city and residents of Cardiff itself.

The Grand Opening

Taking place on the 2nd of November a special group of guests will be invited to witness the opening of R.P Culley’s. They will be given a grand tour of Exchange Hotel as well as a full rundown on the history of R.P Culley himself and the Coal Exchange. .

Guests will include MP’s of Cardiff, business people from the local area who have been involved in the transformation of Exchange Hotel and local residents from the nearby area. There have even been whisperings of some special celebrities on the guest list although as yet our lips are sealed.

Exchange Hotel - best places to eat in Cardiff

Throughout the evening our special guests can enjoy live music and a selection of canapes made from dishes straight off the new menu. The Carruthers Suite is also due to be unveiled on this special evening, showcasing an exclusive private dining space for special celebrations or for business and conference meetings.

It promises to be a truly special night for all involved and a great way to welcome R.P Culley’s to the Cardiff dining scene.

The Competition

To mark this glamorous occasion and the introduction of one of the most exciting new restaurants in Cardiff, we launched a competition inviting our social media followers to guess the weight of a colossal specially made chocolate bar.

Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Co. - best places to eat in Cardiff

Handcrafted especially for the grand opening of R.P Culley’s by none other than Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Co. this mammoth chunk of chocolate sits proudly on our reception.

Guessing the exact weight of the giant sweetie, the winner was announced today and has received two tickets to the grand opening launch night of R.P Culley’s and of course the giant chocolate bar too.

Phillipa Havenhand will be one of the first guests to dine inside the newest and most exciting restaurant in Cardiff city centre. Congratulations and good guessing.

Call 029 2010 7050 to book your table after the grand opening of R.P Culley & Co. Bar and Restaurant takes place in November. Until then check out an example menu of the amazing food we offer now during your stay at Exchange Hotel, we also serve an exquisite afternoon tea and popular Sunday lunch menu up until Culley’s is open for business.