Signature Secrets Takes You Behind Closed Doors at The Exchange Hotel - Exchange Hotel Cardiff
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Signature Secrets Takes You Behind Closed Doors at The Exchange Hotel

Signature Secrets The Exchange Hotel

The Exchange Hotel is full of secrets. As a building with a long and interesting past, the former coal exchange has its history etched onto its walls and in the very DNA of the building.

Now, The Exchange Hotel is bringing some of these secrets into the light. Signature Secrets invites you to attempt to crack the code and gain access to a hidden luxury within your stunning room.

Certain suites within The Exchange Hotel hold the clues to the four magic numbers which will lead you to a locked door. The door can only be opened by solving the clues and entering the numbers, and what lies behind will take your breath away.

Working out the numbers correctly will open the door to a beautiful, luxury bathroom suite in addition to the standard, but still amazing facilities that come with every room.

But the secret bathroom is something else entirely. It’s stunning and opulent, with a large, jewel whirlpool bath and the finest furnishings and fittings.

The Coal Exchange was built in the late 1800s and has enjoyed a long history as the central hub for the coal industry, not only in Britain but across the world – with the international price for coal once being set on the trading floor.

Traders would travel miles to flock through the doors in their thousands, all hustling and bustling and shouting and selling.

In 1901, a landmark deal was struck as the first £1 million cheque was written to transport thousands of tonnes of coal across the English Channel to France.

The Exchange Hotel Cardiff

With so much history and lucrative deals, it’s no wonder The Exchange Hotel is a haven for secrets and hidden rooms. After an extensive restoration that has breathed new life into the former crumbling building, many of the hallways and passages are open to the public for the first time.

The Grand Hall, once the main hub for intense business deals, is now a stunning events venue. Many of the original features have been saved and the iconic dragon clock still stands proud, watching over the festivities.

Culley’s, The Exchange Hotel’s Bar & Restaurant, pays homage to R.P Culley, a local philanthropist who supplied the Exchange Restaurant in The Coal Exchange’s heyday.

The history at the Exchange Hotel is fascinating and exciting and now you can be a part of that history and discover some of the secrets that lie behind closed doors.

So book your stay today in one of our Signature Secret suites at The Exchange Hotel and have a ball discovering and solving clues in your luxurious suite.

Can you crack the code and venture into a secret world of luxury and decadence? Call 02920 107050 and ask our friendly team about our Signature Secrets rooms.