Best Restaurants in Cardiff: R.P Culley's Grand Opening

R.P Culley & Co. Bar and Restaurant Officially Launched

Culley's Bar and Restaurant - best restaurants in Cardiff

We are very excited to finally introduce R.P Culley & Co. Bar and Restaurant at Exchange Hotel and if our grand open evening is anything to go buy, Culley’s is set to become one of the best restaurants in Cardiff.
The trendy space has been designed in stark contrast to the grandeur and opulence of the hotel’s exterior. A paired back industrial interior of the bar area reflects historical differences between the haves and have-nots that helped build the city’s vast wealth, something that owner Lawrence Kenwright is very passionate about.

What Can You Expect at R.P Culley’s?

Always keeping in mind, the interesting history associated with the Coal Exchange, designers wanted to remember those who worked in less than glamorous conditions to supply the black gold that made Cardiff such an affluent city in the 17th century.

Culley's Bar and Restaurant - best restaurants in Cardiff

After walking around the extravagant interior of Exchange Hotel, surrounded by intricately carved polished wood and decorative original furnishings, R.P Culley’s certainly makes a statement.

Where the hotel tells the story of those, who lived well and profited greatly from the coal trade, Culley’s pays homage to the miners who made it all possible. many of whom lost their lives in the unimaginable working conditions.

It wouldn’t be fair to only honour the enormous wealth and prosperity of the coal exchange without to considering those who made the ultimate sacrifice to build it.

Those who attended the grand opening of R.P Culley’s were prominent people from within the city, including restaurateurs, local business owners and representatives of local projects and the community.

Culley's grand opening - best restaurants in Cardiff

Invites were sent in the form of chocolate covered diamonds that needed to be smashed to reveal the sparkling surprise inside, a representation of Exchange Hotel’s past and it’s journey to get to where it is today.

“The only difference between black coal and an precious diamond is the amount of pressure it endured” Joel Osten

Truer words could not be said when it comes to the coal exchange building. It’s startling transformation from a forgotten derelict building to the grand and luxurious hotel it it today has been a joy to witness for those involved and Culley’s grand opening certainly set the tone for what will certainly become one of the best restaurants in Cardiff city centre.

All VIP guests were treated to the first glimpses of the fully renovated interior space, as well as canapes and delicious champagne cocktails.

Cocktails Culley's Grand Opening

Exchange Hotel owner and Signature Living Chairman also gave an insightful speech about his wishes for R.P Culley’s, the message behind his ideas and what he hopes to achieve through his continued presences in Cardiff.

Culley’s represents a lot more to the city than simply becoming one of the best restaurants in Cardiff, it helps people to remember the hard work and dedication of miners and their families, the working people of Cardiff who made the city a contender on the world stage of business.

Who Was R.P Culley?

We’ve covered the great life of Richard Palethorpe Culley in our archives and know that he was a man whose hard work and dedication to the community paid off.

His own restaurant R.P Culley’s, which was originally in the basement of the coal exchange, fed and nourished some of the wealthiest merchants and barons of the area. This gave Culley the opportunity to socialise with some of the most influential people in the UK and grow his business and ambitions for Cardiff.

R.P Culley’s charisma and charm was famous in the area and his work with various local charities and the football team firmly placed his legacy in the history books. Today we remember R.P Culley and all he did in association with the Coal Exchange and the city of Cardiff by recreating the same buzzing atmosphere we imagine R.P Culley’s Restaurant to have had in its heyday.

What’s on the Menus?

Delving into the past where cocktail making first began, Culley’s guide to cocktails, beers and other fancy drinks gives the discerning customer a chance to select a tipple with truly historic connections.

Making things extra easy, our timeline of delicious drinks will take you through the decades, from the earliest concoctions like the Mint Juleps of 1784 to the latest and greatest creations such as our own smoked beverage, Tempus Fugit.

Culley's Cocktails - best restaurants in Cardiff

In keeping with R.P Culley’s devotion to supporting the local area, our à la carte menu includes modern British dishes alongside traditional Welsh fayre.

Local Welsh cheeses are served paired with cured Italian meats on a sharing platter and Culley’s own Ham Cawl or steamed Welsh Mussels give guests the chance to sample the best local dishes and produce.

Culley's Mussels - best restaurants in Cardiff

For main courses gastronomic favourites like fish and chips and steak are available as well as Cefn Mawr beef burgers, Abergavenny Lamb or locally sourced Baked Cod served with Welsh Rarebit.

As one of the best restaurants in Cardiff R.P Culley’s will always aim to serve seasonal drinks and meals made from locally sourced produce. Head chef, Keith Clash has a mission to keep the traditions and history of Welsh food and drink alive whilst also bringing a touch of modern flair to the tables.

Dining in R.P Culley’s will be a one of a kind dining experience, giving guests the chance to explore the history of the area as well as enjoy delicious food and drinks inspired by the surrounding regions and Cardiff’s prosperous past.
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