Introducing Glo: Facebook Names Our New Bar - Exchange Hotel Cardiff
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Introducing Glo: Facebook Names Our New Bar

Glo bar Cardiff

The Exchange Hotel has gone from strength to strength since opening in May this year and we can now reveal the name of our in-house bar – as picked by you!

We asked all our Facebook followers to suggest a fitting name for a bar that sits in one of Cardiff’s most iconic buildings and you didn’t disappoint.

There were hundreds of people who commented and gave their two cents on what they think one of the best bars in the city should be called.

Introducing Glo

Jenna James was the brains behind the final name, suggesting Glo as the perfect title. The name was put to a vote along with the other excellent ideas of Boston’s Bar and Novello Lounge, and the people chose Glo.

It’s a fitting name for the bar, as Glo, in the Welsh language, means ‘coal’. As the former home of The Coal Exchange, the hub of the world coal trading industry, The Exchange hotel has a rich history with Wales’ most notable export.

There were some other fantastic entries, all carefully thought out and some with a touch of humour. Some of our favourites include The Whispering Dragon, The Pick and Lamp, Bar LOCA (an anagram of coal), The Miner’s Bar and The Coal Bunker.

Tasty Tipples

Glo, The Exchange Hotel

Featuring carefully crafted cocktails, tasty whiskeys and hand-picked beers, Glo is one of the best bars in town for unique drinks and a relaxed atmosphere.

Being housed in such a beautiful building is an added perk, soak in the beauty of the over 100-year-old building as you sip on some of the finest wines and expertly selected spirits. Many of The Coal Exchange’s original features have been preserved in the restoration of the stunning building, which was on the edge of ruin just a year ago.

A Night to Remember

Glo, The Exchange Hotel

From luxurious hotel rooms to some of the best food in the city, there is no end to the hotel’s successes.

Choose from a range of suites to suit every need and every type of person, from fun family stays to a romantic break, The Exchange Hotel caters to everyone with our timeless and effortless style.

There’s also the chance to dine at one of the finest eateries the city has to offer, Culley’s. The restaurant is inspired by R.P Culley, a local philanthropist who had the catering contract for the original Coal Exchange restaurant and who became a local Cardiff celebrity during his heydey.

Dine on traditional Welsh dishes, all locally sourced from some of the finest regional suppliers and all cooked up with care by our master chefs.

Head to Glo at The Exchange Hotel and experience a bar like nowhere else in Wales, with the finest drinks, the friendliest staff and the best atmosphere, you’ll struggle to find a better place for celebrating, socialising and creating long-lasting memories.