The ultimate guide to exploring Cardiff Bay from Exchange Hotel
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The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Cardiff Bay

Spectacular and superb, beautiful and wonderful, Cardiff Bay is teaming with new and awesome restaurants, museums and hotels just waiting to be discovered. However, it wasn’t always this splendid. The Welsh landmark has a rich history that is as mesmeric as its views.

Indeed, there are so many new things to do in Cardiff Bay we believed it best to put together a helpful guide to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

So, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to exploring Cardiff Bay including majestic marinas, neat Norwegian churches and quirky quarries.

Penarth Marina

Cardiff Bay
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This picturesque seaside suburb is simply stunning. Penarth, with its cobbled streets, adorable shops and ornate Victorian pier – so beautiful in fact, that it featured on our countdown of the best places to see in the capital – is not to be missed when in Wales.

An eclectic combination of old and new, the marina is tranquil and peaceful and therefore ideal when in the mood for a brisk walk along the waterside.

Penarth Marina occupies a chunk of Penarth Dock and was opened in 1865. This serene, historical landmark is the capital’s hidden centrepiece.

Mermaid Quay

Cardiff Bay
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The aptly named Mermaid Quay is set in a spectacular waterfront location in the heart of Cardiff Bay.

Mermaid Quay plays host to a whole menu of beautiful bars, delicious restaurants and amusements. Not to say that Mermaid Quay isn’t as wondrous in the winter as it is in the summer, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were in the Mediterranean when the sun’s out and the terraces are abuzz.

The quay is the ideal spot for a leisurely lunch or a cappuccino by the waterside or a more riotous beer or two when the sun sets behind the carousal.

Mermaid Quay is a must see for both locals and tourists.

The Norwegian Church

Cardiff Bay
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Dotted on the Welsh waterside is a landmark that, we must admit, looks somewhat amiss.

The Norwegian Church, like our very own Exchange Hotel, relates back to the coal boom when Scandinavian vessels carried timber and returned home loaded with coal. Churches such as this with its whitewashed clapboard and peaked turrets were constructed to serve the Scandinavian’s who docked here.

It’s also where Roald Dahl was baptised and, as much as this is not the only reason to visit the Norwegian Church, it certainly is one of the best.

A Cardiff Bay Boat Trip

Cardiff Bay
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There is nothing better than a boat trip, fact.

Take a nimble excursion across the Welsh waves or, if you desire your tours to be somewhat more refined, then saunter about on one of the numerous pleasure boats that are docked in Cardiff Bay.

Craft in the Bay

Cardiff Bay
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Craft in the Bay oversees a whole host of exhibitions from talented and renowned artists from Wales. It also adds to the bohemian aura that has continued to thrive in and around the marina.

More broadly, The Makers Guild is an independent charity that continues to advance public education in the arts.

That said, Craft in the Bay in particular, epitomises everything that we love about Cardiff Bay, be it the community spirit or the friendly atmosphere.

The Exchange Hotel

Cardiff Bay

A stone throws away from Cardiff Bay is the equally spectacular Exchange Hotel – which has recently been nominated for a Cardiff Life Award.

The Exchange Hotel is a building bursting with history, charm and character and therefore ideal for an overnight stay. This luxury hotel is an architectural masterpiece and while it’s been lovingly restored, it’s also at the forefront of entertainment and comfort.

Ideal for those romantic weekends away or cosy stays with friends, The Exchange Hotel is a must stay for those looking to explore Cardiff Bay.

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