Haunted Happenings: Spooky Ghost Stories in Cardiff
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Haunted Happenings: Spooky Ghost Stories in Cardiff

Haunted Happenings

Cardiff is a city steeped in fascinating history. The heritage of the Welsh capital certainly comes with its charms, but you’ll also discover some haunted happenings along the way.

In Cardiff, legends swirl of everything from ghostly footpaths to the most eerie haunted buildings. So, to make this Halloween truly Spooktacular, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite haunted happenings.

Haunted Happenings in Cardiff Royal Infirmary

Dating back to 1822, The Cardiff Royal Infirmary has had its fair share of haunted happenings. The hospital was closed in 1996 under the decision of William Hague, then Secretary of State for Wales. When the historic building stood largely abandoned, those who passed through its doors certainly left with chills.

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Gareth Radcliffe worked at the infirmary as a security officer and experienced several unexplained paranormal sensations. Speaking to Wales Online, her shared: “I’ve been tapped twice upstairs on various floors and had my ankle grabbed. One of the boys, he’s about six foot – a big boy – got knocked over by something that went past him.”

Gareth went onto explain that medical professionals had called for an exorcism in the past, adding: “For them, to work in pathology and not want to go back up there, they’ve got to have seen something pretty terrible, something that really frightened them.”

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Gareth Owen, another security worker at the infirmary, also gave an eerie account of his time working in the building. He recalled: “I was monitoring the cameras here and something caught my eye. Five or ten minutes later I saw a figure coming back out of the office. It was a lady.”

Gareth went onto describe the lady who was supposedly wearing smart clothes from a historic period.

The Ghosts of Llandaff

Said to be one of the most haunted spots in Cardiff, Llandaff is home to a multitude of ghost stories and haunted happenings – and they’re not for the fainthearted. Spookily enough, the stories are all said to date back to around the same time.

The spine-chilling tales concern the Taff trail. A popular spot for ghost walks today, myth tells of a young boy who drowned while playing in the river. Legend has it that the ghost of the boy’s mother can still be seen wading through the water, desperately searching for her son.

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The paths themselves are also said to be haunted by a ghostly phenomenon. Those who have been brave enough to walk the eerie footpaths at night, have reported sightings of the ghost of Bella, who is thought to have committed suicide in the area over 100 years ago.

Locals also tell of the illusory figure of a man who took his own life in Llandaff’s graveyard. Visitors have also reported sightings of everything from hooded, faceless figures to witch-like demons. Not to mention the sounds of ghostly children, who have been heard stalking explorers along the paths.

Haunted Happenings at Cardiff Castle

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It’s no surprise that the walls of Cardiff’s historic and hauntingly beautiful castle are filled with eerie tales of years gone by. Cardiff Castle is a Victorian Gothic masterpiece which was built upon Norman and Roman ruins. The Roman Fort is estimated to date back to late 50AD, while the castle was completed following the Norman conquest. An integral piece of the Welsh capital, the mysterious castle has quite the reputation in Cardiff.

Today, the castle is renowned for its other-worldly feel and ghostly experiences, making it a go-to venue for ghost tours in Cardiff.

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Legend has it that the atmospheric castle is home to a significant amount of paranormal activity. Those who have entered the stock room have recalled seeing items move by themselves and a ghostly figure standing nearby. Some have also reported seeing a faceless woman roaming the castle, while others have said to have seen the Second Marquess of Bute travelling through the walls.

Perhaps most famously however, reports tell of a phantom coach hurtling towards the castle gates. In fact, sightings of this spirit have been reported as recently as the 1950s.

St Fagans Museum of National History

St Fagans Museum of National History is a must-visit spot for those exploring the most haunted happenings in Cardiff. The ghostly village is a favourite for Halloween activities due to its spooky woodland setting. The historic spot is also popular for ghost tours in Cardiff following reports of numerous unexplained sights and sounds.

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Sitting in the grounds of Grade I listed St Fagans Castle, the fascinating village is home to an array of re-erected buildings to explore. Many believe that the paranormal activity at St Fagans could be linked to the village’s previous inhabitants. It has been said that the restoration of the village disturbed the ghosts, who have now returned to their former homes.

The Exchange Hotel

Haunted Happenings

The Grade II* listed Coal Exchange is one of the most stunning buildings in Cardiff. An integral piece of Cardiff’s industrial past, the opulent building helped to shape the city into the success it is today. The Exchange Hotel is a wonderful place to spend the colder seasons, especially with family and friends.

Book your stay here today or check out our social media page don’t worry, we’ve yet to catch any ghostly sightings within our walls…but only time will tell!

We hope all these hair-raising tales and haunted happenings have got you in the mood for Halloween. Whatever you believe, there’s no doubting that Cardiff is home to some of the most haunted and historic spots in the UK.