Happy father's day with Exchange Hotel's Sunday Lunch Offer

Fun Father’s Day Sunday Lunch at The Exchange Hotel

Culley's restaurant

If you are looking for something different that says happy father’s day in style for the most special man in your life then bring dad and the family to The Exchange Hotel for a fantastic Sunday Lunch.

Not only will the entire family be able to enjoy a delicious meal together in honour of dear old dad, but you can also check out the beauty and splendour of The Exchange Hotel.

What’s on for Father’s Day?

Make this a very happy father’s day by booking a superb Sunday lunch at Cardiff’s most exciting and historic luxury hotel and our new restaurant Culley’s.

Our fabulous father’s day offer includes a 3 course Sunday lunch menu lovingly created by our talented chef’s. The meal will include an array of locally sourced ingredients made into deliciously refined, hearty dishes every dad will enjoyhappy father's day - Exchange Hotel Sunday lunch.

Plus, there’s even more for dad and the family to look forward to than this divine meal as we’ve arranged some excellent live entertainment to serenade all the dear old dads after their meal.

Also if you’ve had no time to pick up the perfect gift for dad, not to worry, we’ve taken care of arranging a special present for each and every dad that comes to visit on father day at Exchange Hotel.

This amazing offer is ideal for making sure your dad has a happy father’s day and is just £30 per person.

The Exchange Hotel

Exchange Hotel is a remarkable building that has been a part of Cardiff’s past for over a hundred years, helping shape the fate of the city since opening in 1886.

What is now an impressive luxury hotel was once the busiest place of business in Cardiff; The Coal Exchange.

happy father's day - luxury Cardiff hotel

The historic building would have once been filled daily by wealthy businessmen, merchant sailors, landowners and barons from all over the UK, all looking to barter the best price for Cardiff’s black gold.

Thriving at the pinnacle of Cardiff’s coal trade, the Coal Exchange building and surrounding area were a beacon of the cities fortune and the first £1m cheque was penned within its very walls.

The Exchange Hotel is now a symbol of the wealth that was once associated with the stunning building at the centre of Mount Stuart square and our aim was to restore the glory of Cardiff’s past in the area by preserving the beauty of such an admired building.

Coal Exchange Past - happy father's day
Exchange Restaraunt in the basement of the Coal Exchange

Bring the family along this father’s day to The Exchange Hotel and walk through doors that once admitted crowds of the world’s most influential people. Stand in the halls that have held hundreds of histories wealthiest merchants and male some happy father’s day memories in the expertly restored surroundings that now stand to commemorate such an important part of Cardiff’s rich and affluent history.

Culley's restaurant - happy fathers day

Spoil Dad With a Stay

Whether you book a night for dad to enjoy some quiet time or suggest he shares it with the love of his life, why treat dad to an evening stay in Exchange Hotel?

This way you can all relax and enjoy a spectacular meal together, perhaps explore the city together then dad can make his way to a simply amazing hotel suite inside Exchange Hotel.

luxury room at Exchange Hotel - happy fathers day

The simply fabulous hotel rooms are outfitted to reflect the wealth and opulence associated with the buildings past and the stories it holds. Dad will even find fun facts about Cardiff’s coal industry around the room and the following day he will awaken to the smell of a mouthwatering Welsh breakfast cooking in the restaurant downstairs.

That is one way to spend a very happy father’s day at Exchange Hotel this year and we are happy to help arrange your visit.

Call now and book your table to enjoy a very happy father’s day with the most special man in your life at The Exchange Hotel on 029 2010 7050 or email info@signatureliving.co.uk.