Exchange Hotel's 7 day guide to national pie week in Cardiff

Exchange Hotel’s 7 Day Guide to National Pie Week in Cardiff

If there is one national week that we look forward to every year its national pie week for sure.

An excuse to eat a pastry clad piece of heaven every day for a week is something we very much agree with.

So starting March 5th, here’s how we’re going to spend our national pie week and Cardiff, we advise you try and do the same.


First stop, Pieminister for an endless choice of tasty treats including flavours such as the “Funghi Chicken” and the “Mexicow”.

Another 12 are on the menu and there are even Veggie, Vegan and gluten-free options for those who are dietarily restricted.

To really challenge you devotion to national pie week Pieminister do a meal deal called The Mothership which is your pie of choice served with creamy mash, minty peas, gallons of gravy, a sprinkling of shallots and cheddar cheese.

Pieminster Cardiff - national pie week
source: Pieminister

Other options include the Tower of Power, same as above but two pies stacked up, and there’s even an ice cream pie for afters.

Day one of national pie week done and dusted.

Clarks Pies

Day two of national pie week in Cardiff takes us to Clarks Pies, or Clarksies as the local call it.

Baking the perfect pie since 1913, it’s here those celebrating national pie week can pick up a piece of local pastry-based history.

Clarksies - national pie week
source: Wales online

The classic ‘Clarpie’, as is stamped on the base of every pie made here, consists of minced beef, luscious gravy and potato. All this is wrapped in a thick shortcrust pastry case and has a distinctive oval shape.

A pie of the past for day two of national pie week in Cardiff.

Vintage Pie Wednesday at The Plymouth

On day three of national pie week hump day, you’re in for a real treat at The Plymouth.

Every Wednesday at The Plymouth pie lovers have six mouth-watering delicacies to choose from.

Vintage Pie Wednesdays - Plymouth Arms - national pie week
source: Plymouth Arms Facebook

The hero pies are classic combinations like steak and mushroom, vintage fish pie or roasted veggie tarts, then there are two guest star pies whose flavours vary from the rich and gamey to the light and fishy.

What’s more, there’s an endless variety of mash to pair with your choice of pie from the exotic pesto and olive oil to caramelised onion and horseradish.


Pie Face Comedy Glee Club

On Thursday, day four of national pie week in Cardiff we’re heading to Glee Comedy club for the perfect pairing of pie and comedy.

Pie Face Thursdays Glee Comedy Club - national pie week
source: Glee comedy club

During national pie week comedians George Lewis, Jarred Christmas and Steve Gribbin take to the stage to tickle your funny bone and with pies provided by the oh so scrumptious Pieminister your sides will be splitting from laughter and all the pies you’ve eaten.

Victoria Park Pie Co.

One of the longest-running piemakers in the city, Victoria Park Pie Co. supply the general public and many of Cardiff’s public houses with delicious pastry encased goodness.

Victoria Park Pie Co, - national pie week
source Victoria Park Pie Co. Facebook

Using traditional methods and age-old baking techniques passed down through generations, Victoria Park Pie Co. cook up daily doses of pie-like heaven.

Treat yourself to a fruit or meat filled delight and those with dietary restrictions can even enjoy something delicious hot from the oven.

Exchange Hotel daily special pies

Every day of national pie week the cooks at Culley’s are whipping up fantastic flavoured pies that will alter each day of the week.

Culley's Exchange Hotel - national pie week

On the sixth day of pie week, our chefs will cook for you, confit chicken fillings, welsh lamb and veggies served with creamy maaaaaaash.

These are just two of the fabulous fillings from a seven-day menu of pie making madness.

Join us at Culley’s any day of national pie week and enjoy a pie extravaganza unlike any other in the city.

Cardiff: One of the Greggs capital’s of the world

Seven days in and you may have had your fill of pies by now, but don’t give up just yet.

Instead take it easy and go for a lighter bite at any one of the 26 Greggs all around Cardiff.

Once known as the Greggs capital of the world, only recently overtaken by Manchester and Newcastle, Cardiff has a reputation for having 7.1 Greggs to every 100,000 Cardiffians.

That’s a whole lot of Greggy goodness condensed into one amazing city.

Wrapping up pie week with a hand-held bake may be considered cheating but you’ve put enough pie eating work into this week to deserve a lighter bite.

Staying at Exchange Hotel

Thankfully Exchange Hotel is within easy reach of all the aforementioned establishments, so you’ll be able to get your mitts on any particular pie that’s tickled your taste buds whilst staying with us.

Also, Culley’s will be serving up the good stuff all week long so you needn’t venture out into the cold to get a different pie each day of national pie week. We’re making them all in-house.

Check out some of our amazing Cardiff hotel offers or call now to book your stay on 0151 601 8801 or email

Happy national pie week from all of us at Exchange Hotel.