The Exchange Featured in 8 Hot Hotels March 2017 - Exchange Hotel Cardiff

The Exchange Featured in 8 Hot Hotels March 2017

At the Exchange Hotel Cardiff, we’re thrilled to have been featured in 8 Hot Hotels Opening in March 2017 by Flydango. The travel agent listed our upcoming Cardiff Bay hotel alongside The Silo in South Africa and TRYP Maritime in Florida.

Though we’ll be adding the final touches to the hotel throughout March and opening officially in April, it’s certainly time to start planning for a fabulous stay in cosmopolitan Cardiff Bay. Flydango listed three interesting facts about the hotel, so we thought we’d delve a little deeper and provide you with some key info about one of Cardiff’s most highly anticipated venues.

Located in the Coal Exchange

Of course, Flydango started with our truly incomparable location. The Exchange Hotel can be found within the Coal Exchange building, which served the people of Cardiff Bay as the spot for trading throughout the industrial revolution.

The Coal Exchange was built between 1883 and 1886 by Edwin Seward. With its grand trading hall floor, the venue radiates history and charm from its interior to exterior. Coal owners, ship owners and their agents would gather together on a daily basis to secure agreements in person or by phone.

Preserving the Historic Building

At Signature Living, we take the history and culture of a building and location into deep consideration, and we strive to cultivate it for future generations. We’ve done it before in Liverpool, transforming Millennium House into the successful Bill Shankly-themed Shankly Hotel, and the former White Star Line headquarters into Titanic-themed hotel 30 James Street.

The Shankly Hotel and 30 James Street showcase unique memorabilia that can be enjoyed in its entirety to hotel guests and partially by its bar and restaurant visitors. At the Shankly Hotel, we’ve developed a museum dedicated to the football icon, with guidance and insight from Bill Shankly’s family.

Luxury Design and Facilities

We’ve been bringing luxury designs to life for a number of years now, and when it comes to high quality facilities, you can rest assured that the Exchange won’t disappoint. Guests can expect spacious rooms finished with only the finest fabrics and furniture. Not forgetting, bathrooms will be equipped with dreamy whirlpool tubs to pamper the night away.

Perfect for group accommodation for families and friends, or romantic weekends for couples, our flexible hotel rooms provide the ultimate blend of style, elegance and comfort in Cardiff.

If you’re excited about the opening of the Exchange, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. For more information surrounding the hotel, make sure you don’t miss our History page. 

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