Celebrating World Heritage Day 2017 - Exchange Hotel Cardiff
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Celebrating World Heritage Day 2017

This week, April 18th marks World Heritage Day 2017!  And at the Exchange Hotel in Cardiff, we’re celebrating the wealth of unique, local history that fills our corridors.The Coal Exchange once stood as one of Cardiff’s most important buildings, determining the city’s coal exportation and undoubtedly leaving a lasting legacy.

Today, the Coal Exchange holds just as much significance. Though the years may have passed, the people of Cardiff haven’t forgotten the building that defined the city and changed the lives of generations before them.

Our aim from the very beginning has been to preserve the Coal Exchange and its intricate details as best as possible. By approaching the development this way, we’re certain that tourists will value the site just as much as we do.

Why Celebrate World Heritage Day?

Marked globally, World Heritage Day celebrates international monuments and sites. Boosting awareness of preserving such locations, World Heritage Day encourages people to lend a helping hand.

The day fuels people to read up, spread awareness and get involved in protecting sites that boast a rich history or cultural significance.World Heritage Sites are officially recognised by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation).This includes 30 recognised sites in the UK and British Overseas Territories.

Cardiff Coal Exchange in Mount Square

Each year, World Heritage Day celebrates a different theme. This year, the theme centres on the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.With the Exchange Hotel’s opening date just around the corner, we thought we’d share a little about the stunning Grade II* listed building’s history preserving it!

The Coal Exchange to The Exchange Hotel

Cardiff’s Coal Exchange radiates a unique history – the city’s growth and its setbacks, its hard workers and generations of families who have passed through its doors.

Built between 1883 and 1886 by Edwin Seward, the Coal Exchange served as a headquarters for trade negotiations, uniting ship owners, coal owners and their agents on a daily basis. Settling agreements in person or by telephone, the building was at the centre of the negotiations.

Cardiff became reliant on the coal industry, causing the city significant turbulence as the years went on. By 1933, coal exports had fallen dramatically, leaving the city in depression. Unemployment became a way of life that many fell victim to, and the Coal Exchange sadly closed its doors in 1958.

It wasn’t until 1975 that the remarkable Coal Exchange was officially recognised as a Grade II* listed building. Plans for its future however remained uncertain; ideas for the building’s long term use came and faded away, leaving many wondering what would become of the iconic venue.

The Coal Exchange served as a music venue for some of the UK’s biggest acts, including Arctic Monkeys and Manic Street Preachers. However, following safety concerns the building was forced to close its doors again on August 7th 2013.

Since the start of our project, we’ve been set on reviving the Coal Exchange and everything that comes with it. From the Exchange’s vibrant atmosphere to decadent interior, we aim to cultivate the best of the building, while laying the foundations for a bright, positive future ahead.

Cardiff has come a long way since the Coal Exchange first opened its doors. Now a cosmopolitan hub for shopping, dining, entertainment and nightlife, there’s no doubt that the Welsh capital will continue to flourish and we’re hugely excited to be a part of it!

To enquire about your stay at the Exchange Hotel in Cardiff, you can contact our helpful team on info@signatureliving.co.uk

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