The Cardiff Life Award Nominees: The Exchange Hotel and R.P Culley Co
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The Cardiff Life Award Nominees: The Exchange Hotel and R.P Culley Co

Cardiff Life Awards

Borrow a bow tie and practice your acceptance speech because we’ve been nominated for not just one award, but for two!

And so, as it’s award season, we are proud to announce that both The Exchange Hotel and our wonderful restaurant have been nominated for a Cardiff Life Award in their respective categories.

We think applause is in order, or is that too premature?

The Cardiff Life Awards

Cardiff Life Awards

The Cardiff Life Awards are a celebration and the culmination of hard work and success. They are the most respected, closely contested awards with the largest number of local companies involved. The glamorous event has become a monumental celebration of some of the most superb businesses in the Welsh capital.

From hotels and hospices to restaurants and museums, the award ceremony celebrates the capital’s best achievers – and we’re proud to be one of them.

Come March 21, nominees pack into the civic centre with hopeful smiles adorning their faces as they prepare for an evening of unprecedented glamour. However, those smiles quickly turn to nerves as the ceremony commences – and we don’t blame them.

Last years winners included Asador 44, The Dead Canary and The Fox and Hounds and yet, despite how incredible these businesses are, we hope that both The Exchange Hotel and R.P Culley & Co can scoop up the awards this year.

R.P Culley & Co

Cardiff Life Awards

So, why do we think that R.P Culley & Co should win a Cardiff Life Award?

Culley’s takes you on a culinary journey like no other. Surrounded by the lavishness of the Coal Exchange, the restaurant complements this remarkable architectural masterpiece and compliments it with an eclectic mix of fine, local and regional ingredients.

We are so proud of Culley’s and want to share our passion for local history with our visitors. Sourcing great produce is of the utmost importance and we hope that this comes across on March 21.

We are extremely proud of our wonderful restaurant and we know that the locals are too. So, whether you’re coming for breakfast or lunch, a romantic meal for two or a catch up with friends over afternoon tea; Culley’s at The Exchange Hotel has everything you could ever want.

Sound good? Contact our helpful team on 02920 107050 or head over to the website to book now.

The Exchange Hotel

Cardiff Life Awards

The Exchange Hotel is worthy of any award and acclaim; and we know this because it is simply spectacular.

A sophisticated spectacle, The Grade II listed hotel is not only located in the heart of the capital, but it also holds a special place in the heart of the locals. Packed with opulent history and grandeur throughout, The Exchange has been restored to its former pomp.

The luxury hotel is an architectural triumph and while it’s been restored, it’s also leading the way in entertainment and comfort.

Like our restaurant, we are extremely proud of The Exchange Hotel and are keen to see it awarded at next month’s Cardiff Life Awards.

Ideal for weekends away or cosy stays with friends, contact our expert team on 02920 107050 to book your stay at The Exchange.

We couldnt be prouder to be nominated for a Cardiff Life Award and we hope that you can join us to celebrate. Nevertheless, theres always plenty to keep everyone entertained in our remarkable, wonderful city. Therefore, check out our pick of the seven best places to visit in Cardiff.

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