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Why You Should Visit the Cardiff Christmas Markets

Cardiff Christmas Markets

Magical markets are now a Christmas fixture. Wooden chalets decorated in festive themes this year include Cardiff Christmas Markets, with participants vending numerous noel goodies.

From the glistening decorations of St. John Street and delicious festive foods to sensational handmade textiles, take a browse at what the Cardiff Christmas Markets have in store this December.

Festive Food & Drink

Aromas of cinnamon, gingerbread, and chestnut perfume the wintery atmosphere as marketers from across the continent cook-up an array of Christmassy treats.

The Cheesecake Highway is a particular highlight as Cardiffian’s can choose from a selection of delicious toppings, be it sensual strawberries or lemon mascarpone. “Cheesecake in New York isn’t as good,” exclaimed one satisfied customer.

Cardiff Christmas Markets

Before you devour dessert, why not taste all the trimmings of Christmas dinner crammed into a Yorkshire pudding. This tempting mouthful is guaranteed to appease those who can’t wait for Christmas Day.

Subsequently, ensure you leave enough room to sample several flavored gins from Condessa Welsh Liqueurs or, if your more traditional, Celtic Country Wines will be keeping the mulled vino flowing.

Artwork & Photographs

The Welsh capital is home to an array of Independent photographers, landscapists and illustrators. When you visit the Cardiff Christmas Markets, you can be assured that you will be purchasing original work from every maker.

Joanna Thomas & Michelle Williams’ pebble pictures are an ideal Christmas present for those who are proud to be Welsh, whilst Rhiannon Roberts’ work is engraved on coasters and glasses and is a thoughtful gift.

The Cardiff Christmas Market is the perfect place for last-minute Christmas shopping.

Christmas Presents

Cardiff Christmas Markets

It wouldn’t be Christmas without gorgeously wrapped presents packed underneath the tree.

Hand decorated handbags, personalised wooden plaques, rhinestone embellished pictures, and steampunk jewellery are just some of the amazing souvenirs on offer at the Cardiff Christmas Markets.

Bargain hunters can look forward to browsing the shelves whilst feeling very Christmassy indeed.

Welsh Charities

While the festivities are in full swing, take a moment to remember those less fortunate.

Cardiff Christmas Markets are raising awareness of an array of amazing and noteworthy charities such as Cancer Research Wales, Vision 21, Greyhound Rescue Wales and Cymru Fostering Trust.

Not only will these charities be shaking their collection buckets, but they will also be providing a bespoke gift wrapping service – amongst other festive treats – in exchange for a donation.

These chalets genuinely represent the true meaning of Christmas.

Family Friendly Fun

The festive period is perfect for spending time with family, however, keeping the kids entertained before Christmas Day can be challenging.

That said, the Cardiff Christmas Markets have you sorted.

Letters to Santa- family Christmas in Cardiff

Prepare to chuckle as Sally Mitchell and Sockadoo are peddling gingerbread decorations and sock animals, whilst Kimkraft Creations are catering for the fairy fanatic in your family.

The Cardiff Christmas Markets are fun for all the family!

Craft Folk

Craft Folk have organised and developed the Christmas markets in the pedestrian heart of Cardiff City Centre for over two decades.

In today’s economic environment it is more important than ever to promote Cardiff and its talented locals.

Located in St. John Street, St. John’s Church, Working Street and Trinity Street, the Cardiff Christmas Markets are dedicated to celebrating Christmas the Cardiff way.

The Exchange Hotel

Cardiff Christmas Markets

Located just a 10-minute walk away from the Cardiff Christmas Markets is the enchanting Exchange Hotel.

There is nowhere quite like The Exchange Hotel during the festive period. Come together with family and friends for an utterly magical Christmas & New Year.

Sound exciting? Our friendly team can’t wait to hear from you. Call us on 02920 107050 or head over to The Exchange Hotel website today.

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