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10 of the Most Romantic Things to do in Cardiff

Just because Valentine’s day has come and gone does not mean that we can’t still celebrate romance in Cardiff.

In this amazing historical city, there are plenty of ways to enjoy spending a little time with someone you love. Whether you are looking for the perfect first date or celebrating a special anniversary, here are 10 of the most romantic things to do in Cardiff.

Ice Cream at CoCo Gelato

Coco gelato - waffles - Cardiff

If you and your special someone have a sweet tooth, then the answer to the perfect date can be found at CoCo Gelato.

A never-ending menu of delicious Italian style Gelato dishes and with some unusual drinks concoctions too.

From scrumptious sounding Gelato Sunday’s too wonderfully tempting waffles and crepes order your favourite Signature Sunday with two spoons and dig in.

We are personally looking forwards to working our way through the entire menu in the very near future. But we don’t know if we’d be up for sharing ours.

Choose each other’s bath products at Miss Patisserie

Miss Patisserie bath bombs - Cardiff

Nothing says romance like a hot bubble bath, candlelight and a glass of bubbly.

Why not turn an indulgent bubble bath experience into something you can both enjoy a visit to Miss Patisserie?

Here you and your partner can enjoy selecting handmade bath gifts for each other from a selection of unique products that are all handmade in Cardiff from natural ingredients.

Choose from bright and colourful bath balls and bakes or go for soothingly scented botanical oil.

Either way, you’ll both come away with the perfect ingredients to make up the most romanticly relaxing bath.

Walk in one of Cardiff’s 5 stunning city parks

Walk in the park - Bute Park - Cardiff

source; Jon Candy – Flickr

Cardiff is home to five superbly stunning central city parks, all of which are ideal for a hand in hand romantic stroll.

Bute Park is proud to have a selection of what are known as ‘champion trees’ amongst its Arboretum and has the highest number of champion trees in any public UK park.

Take a pass along the famed herbaceous border path that runs alongside the river Taff, after which you can delight in a high tea service at Pettigrew’s Tea Rooms.

Bute Park and another four stunning parks in the city are a fabulous way to enjoy a day of outdoor romance in Cardiff.

A Bike tour of Cardiff

Bike tour of Cardiff


There’s no better way to make your way around Cardiff city than via bicycle.

How else would you guarantee a romantic day taking in the sights of the city on one of Cardiff’s cycle tours?

Chose to enjoy an outing on the docks, biking around the beautiful Cardiff Bay, then a visit to the Dr’s is on the cards at several Dr Who film locations.

Or perhaps you might enjoy seeing some more of Cardiff’s parkland and canals, whilst you learn the interesting history of the city.

Led by experts these tours will allow you to enjoy each other’s company whilst also experiencing a little romance in Cardiff.

Boat ride in Roath Park

Boat ride on the lake - Roath Park - romance in Cardiff

Paddle boats, swans and gently lapping water is a recipe for romance if ever we’ve heard one.

Make your way to Cardiff’s Roath Park and hire yourself a little paddle boat to take your love out onto the lake.

Basque in the tranquillity of the outdoors, read each other some poetry and take this chance to live out your dream date during a boat ride on Roath Park Lake.

Cardiff Castle Rooftop Garden

Cardiff castle rooftop garden

The interior of Cardiff Castle is something to be marvelled at. Designed and created by the 3rd Marquess of Bute, said to be the richest man in the world at one point, and architect William Burgess. Cardiff Castle is a testament to what money could buy in the 1860’s.

Every room has a unique and exotic theme inspired by European tastes.

So it comes as no surprise that the castle has its very own rooftop gardens reminiscent of Moroccan-style riads. The decorative tiled walls, fountains and of exotic plants transport visitors to another world.

A simply stunning hidden part of Cardiff Castle that is and ideal romantic escape from the hustle and bustle of Cardiff city life.

Walk the Penarth Pier

romance in Cardiff on Penarth Pier

A piece of Cardiff’s leisurely history Penarth Pier was erected in the Victorian era as a place for holidaymakers to enjoy.

The pier is home to Penarth Pavilion which includes a small dance hall, a few shops and a cinema.

Still visited by the last sea-going paddle steamer, Penarth Pier still receives its fair share of tourists.

A tranquil seaside spot and the ideal viewpoint to enjoy glorious sunrise scenes…if you can manage to get up that early.

Watch a film at Penarth Pier Pavilion

Penarth Pier Pavillion - Cardiff

You can’t beat a classic date night at the movies, so why not combine a stroll along the beautiful Penarth Pier with a visit to Penarth Pavilion cinema. The pavilion first opened its cinema doors in 1932 showcasing silver screen masterpieces for just over a year.

It finally reopened in 2013 screening all the latest releases amongst a truly romantic seaside backdrop.

A visit to this cinema is like taking a journey back in time and makes for a wonderfully fun filled day of romance in Cardiff.

Climb Caerphilly Mountain

Caerphilly mountain

For those of you who appreciate a great view, a climb up Caerphilly mountain is a must, albeit a little outside the city centre of Cardiff.

When reaching the summit, there are views over Cardiff city and the Bristol channel and on a clear day a unique viewpoint of Caerphilly Castle.

After a long walk, you and your hiking partner can enjoy a nice hot drink and a welcome nibble at the eco-friendly snack bar at the base of the mountain.

Antiquing in Jacobs Market

Jacob's Market Antiques - Cardiff

If you and your special someone are setting up home together, or simply looking add some interesting furnishing to the one you already have, Jacobs Market is a treasure trove of fabulous antiques ripe for the picking.

Get your hands on a piece of history and lose yourself among second-hand books, bespoke lighting fixtures and aged furniture.

Indulge in your hobby of collecting ancient comics, or perhaps bag that fabulous fashion find from the vintage clothing stalls.

A great day out of treasure hunting at Jacob’s Market is just waiting for you both.

Exchange Hotel

Exchange Hotel Cardiff

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We are eagerly anticipating the day when Exchange Hotel becomes a part of the fantastic leisure and entertainment scene that already exists in Cardiff.

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