Outline Plans for the Coal Exchange

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Signature Living has an extensive history restoring historic buildings to their former glory. We endeavour to boost a city’s local economy and tourism by creating luxurious accommodation, which will also lead to the creation of local employment and an improved landscape.

We are unlike other hotel developers, as we care about acquiring landmarks to celebrate a building’s history and architecture. The Coal Exchange is a monument to Cardiff’s industrial history, and our aim is to ensure the building’s stories and design can be enjoyed for future generations.

We are very much aware that The Coal Exchange will fall into disrepair and ruin if the building is not rescued. The Coal Exchange is not your average building – as it once determined the price of the world’s coal. It was also here that the world’s very first £1 million business deal was made. It’s history is rich and diverse and is without doubt in Wales top heritage problems.

The Coal Exchange will never serve for its original purpose again, but the building and its stories can be saved and shared with the public heading long into the future, which is why we plan to create a luxurious hotel that will contain a bespoke heritage venue within dedicated to the history of the property so the world will be able to remember a key piece of Cardiff’s important role in the Industrial Revolution. In addition to offering 200 beds, The Coal Exchange will also feature an onsite restaurant and a beautiful wedding venue, which will provide a romantic backdrop to a happy couple’s special day, alongside doubling as a conference space and intimate event venue. There will also be a high end restaurant in the building in the former bank section.

We don’t plan to change the building’s structure. No walls will be pulled down and we won’t add extra volume to the property. We want The Coal Exchange to maintain its original form and features. In fact, we made it very clear from the outset that we would not become involved with the project if any of the amazing external walls had to be removed, which was rumoured. Although borderline cost prohibitive we have committed to in particular saving even the most troubled back wall as far as buildings go to ensure future generations can experience the building as it was originally designed and built.

In the words of Lawrence Kenwright, the hotel’s proprietor: “We wanted to make sure that it could be saved. We wanted to make sure that for generations to come that people saw that building as it was intended to be, albeit not for the same use. Because these buildings need a reason to survive. They need a reason to keep them alive for the next hundred years, for the next generations, so we feel it’s perfectly suited to being a hotel.”


The Coal Exchanges deterioration has accelerated over the last 3 years and is now in urgent need of redevelopment


Our Plans to Re-establish The Coal Exchange as a Beacon for Cardiff and Restore this Iconic Building to it’s Former Glory

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Floor Plans for the Grand Hall

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